Simplicity, global loyalty platform provider, develop configurable loyalty and CRM software that focus on making customer data actionable for marketing and business intelligence

The first development of Simplicity was released in 2002, following the creation and implementation of Air New Zealand Air Points by Simplicity’s founding Principals.  Since then our team have been continually working and expanding the Simplicity technology platform, taking on client feedback and innovating to ensure our Loyalty platform is the smartest in the market.

Today, Simplicity is Australasia's most awarded Enterprise Loyalty solution, having received all levels of Direct Marketing awards including the prestigious New Zealand Direct Marketing RSVP Grand Prix Award, multiple Gold RSVP, Silver RSVP and Bronze RSVP awards and multiple Gold NEXUS, Silver NEXUS and Bronze NEXUS awards for work in both New Zealand and Australia.

Simplicity believe that successful Loyalty programmes will encourage your customers to buy one more thing, shop one more time, or stay with you for longer. In order to do this it is essential that the messages customers receive are relevant and meaningful to them, on a personal level.

As media becomes increasingly intrusive in people’s lives and customers become more intolerant of irrelevant marketing, there are fewer and fewer chances to get the right messages to the right person at the right time.

If any of these variables are wrong, the consequences can be highly impactful on how your customer views your communications and ultimately your brand. If you get it right however, it can be a pivotal way to acquire, grow and ultimately lock in long term customer loyalty.

Inspired by a generation of systems that were either so sophisticated they intimidated their users, or so simple they were unable to manage the complexity of customer relationships. It is our intention to help our clients introduce solutions that are simple and smart.